The best 5 weapons in freefire

You can find dozens of different weapons in Garena Free Fire, which can make the immersion a bit difficult. To help you navigate your way, here’s a list of the top five weapons. Of course, preferences may vary from person to another, but this selection is based on many statistics.

The best grenade launcher

In freefire there are two grenade launchers, the MGL140 and the M79. These weapons can be totally devastating with the area damage they deal . They are relatively similar in terms of their stats, but if you have to choose between the two, it is best to look to the MGL140. First of all, the M79 can only hold one grenade at a time, so it has to be reloaded after each shot, unlike the MGL140 which has a capacity of five grenades. On top of that, the cooldown and fire rate are slightly faster.

The best assault rifle

Many assault rifles are present in Garena Free Fire. Among the 11 ARs, here are the ones to remember: SKS and Groza. The SKS has the advantage of causing the highest damage and having the best range, despite a relatively low rate of fire and magazine capacity (10 rounds). The Groza, on the other hand, is a very special weapon in freefire, ideal for both medium and large distances, with a good rate of fire, and good accuracy. It is defined as the best weapon in the game but it is unfortunately rare .

The best machine gun

Of the two machine guns and six machine guns available in Garena freefire, two weapons stand out from the rest: the MP40 and the P90. 
The advantage of the MP40 is its rate of fire which is the highest among all these guns. Unfortunately, we are quickly overtaken by its rather weak magazine (20 rounds) and its reloading time which is not the most efficient . It is for these reasons that we tend to prefer the P90: the rate of fire is slightly weaker but its magazine is more than double (50 bullets) for the same cooldown. We can also add a scope as an accessory to improve its range.

The best shotgun

There are only two shotguns: the SPAS12 and the M1014. Their stats are very similar as freefire weapons but it’s still the SPAS12 that wins with slightly higher damage, better rate of fire, faster cooldown, and better range. Another argument: you can add a loader. In any case, these two weapons are only to be used in close combat in freefire .

To recap, the weapons in freefire to remember are: the MGL140 as a grenade launcher, SKS and Groza as assault rifles, the P90 machine gun, and finally the SPAS12 as a pump shotgun.

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