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Garena Free Fire is a battle game developed by Garena International . A total of 50 players compete on a map and each game lasts about ten minutes. The goal remains the same as for other games of the same type ” is to be the last survivor” .


1 The story of the game Free Fire

2 The progress of the game

2.1 Getting well equipped to start well

2.2 The combat zone

2.3 Move around the game

2.4 The victory

3 Alternative versions

4 Weapons

4.1 Firearms

4.2 Melee weapons and grenades

5 Characters to play

6 New products and customization

7 How to play Garena Free Fire on mobile

7.1 On Apple (Iphone or Ipad)

7.2 On Android

8 Play Garena Free Fire on Computer

8.1 On PC

8.2 On Mac

Garena Free Fire story

A group of people were taken to an island by a strange organization called “FF”. These people have been hypnotized and we are brainwashed and genetically modified. They have lost the memory of their past, except for a few snippets… And they have only one goal: to stay alive. During a game, you play as one of these characters.

The progress of a game

Getting the right equipment to start well

Choose your character then go for it. At the start of the game, the 50 players all meet in a plane and launch into the air to land with their parachutes in the area they have chosen beforehand. Two main options are available to you: land in a high loot location, that is to say areas in which there is a profusion of weapons, equipment and various objects; or you may prefer an area offering less loot but which will attract fewer opposing players in order to search the area more quietly. Either way, find weapons and other items as quickly as possible. Indeed, the equipment can make the difference if you find yourself facing opponents. You will need weapons but also something to protect yourself, more specifically a helmet and a bulletproof vest. To keep items on you, you will need to find a bag. Armor and bags come in several levels: the higher the level, the more capacity increases. Do not forget to also find ammunition and other accessories that can be useful to you (accessories for weapons, care, grenades…). 
Although the very beginning of a game can be decisive, you will have to continue to search in order to always improve your equipment, whether it is by discovering different areas, or by searching corpses along your route.

The combat zone

Care must be taken during the game to stay in the combat zone. Indeed, as with all other battle royale type games, the combat zone is reduced in order to promote clashes between players . If you are outside the combat zone, you will take damage. So stay vigilant throughout the game!

Move around in the game

You will understand, in this type of game you are generally in constant movement. This allows you to find potentially interesting items but also to stay in the combat zone (and thus avoid damage). The main mode of travel is your legs, but there are also vehicles. This allows you to move faster, which can be very beneficial, especially when you have to flee from the damage area. 
Also be aware that you have three possible positions in the game: standing, crouching or lying on the ground. Lying down is of course effective in hiding and is a particularly useful position for sniping opponents .


The game continues until there is only one player left on the map. Like other games of this genre, winning is rare and difficult, yet extremely rewarding.

Alternative versions

In Garena Free Fire, every part is unique. But on top of that, there are two things that help to diversify your gaming experience even more: the game modes and the maps. Indeed, there is another game mode: a squad mode in which 12 teams of four players compete. In this game mode, the surviving team at the end of the game wins! In addition, two maps exist, Bermuda and Purgatory, which makes it possible to diversify the games even more .


In Garena Free Fire you can equip yourself with three guns, two main and a pistol, as well as a melee weapon. If you don’t have a melee weapon, you can still use your fists.


A whole arsenal of firearms of different types is at your disposal on the map. There are eleven assault rifles, six machine guns, two machine guns, two shotguns, two grenade launchers, two sniper rifles, a crossbow, and six pistols to choose from. Weapons have their own stats, including different bullet capacities, different rates of fire, different cooldowns, varying ranges and degrees of accuracy, and finally, different damage done. But you also have the possibility to improve certain weapons by adding accessories such as magazines, scopes or stabilizers …
One weapon in particular, which is part of the pistol family, stands out: the Treatment Gun. As its name suggests, this weapon has a unique ability which is to heal allies (when playing in a squad, of course). However, when targeting enemies it inflicts damage on them! So you’re not caught off guard when you’re interrupted by an enemy while healing an ally. It also helps to aid an ally while they are taking damage.

Melee weapons and grenades

Along with firearms, four melee weapons are available in the game and allow you to improve melee damage compared to your fists: a machete, a pan, a katana and a baseball bat. 
In your inventory, you can also carry different types of grenades with you. While some deal damage, smoke can further disrupt your enemy. Another particularly interesting type of grenade is found in the game: there are grenades that generate a wall of ice to protect you during a confrontation.

Characters to play

At the start of a game, you must choose a character to play as. In total, 17 characters exist at present. Each character has a special skill . For example, Rafael can disappear from the mini-map for 8 seconds, Shimada Hayato’s armor capacity increases as life decreases, or Wukong can turn into a bush in order to blend in with the background. These skills evolve as you level up. Thus, Shimada Hayato’s armor capacity will be increased with the leveling of the character, etc.

News and customization

Improvements or modifications appear throughout the update, such as new weapons, new areas on the map, or changes in the rules of the game (such as the addition of zombie enemies, which adds spice to the parties). 
In addition, you can customize your characters by purchasing clothing and accessories from the store. Purchases are made either with real money or with points that you earn over the games.

How to play Garena Free Fire on mobile

Garena Free Fire is available on both Android and IOS. To download it, nothing could be simpler:

On Apple (Iphone or Ipad)

Open the Appstore

In apps, search for “Garena Free Fire”

Launch its installation

Once the game is installed, open the game by clicking on its logo that appears in the home screen and start playing.

On android

Open the Play Store

In the application search bar, type “Garena Free Fire”

Launch the application installation

Click on the app logo on your home screen

You can start playing.

Play Garena Free Fire on Computer


If you have a PC and want to play Garena Free Fire, you can use an emulator. An emulator allows access to all the applications offered on Android (among others) from a computer. Several emulators exist, including Bluestacks. Here is the method to play Garena Free Fire using Bluestacks:

Download Bluestacks software ( by clicking here )

Once Bluestacks is installed open this software

In Bluestacks search bar, search for Garena Free Fire

Click on install

Open and play Garena Free Fire!

On Mac

Bluestacks is also available on Mac. So you can play Garena Free Fire on your computer regardless of your operating system! So you can apply the same method as on PC to play Garena Free Fire:

Download Bluestacks ( by clicking here )

Once Bluestacks is installed open it

In the software search bar, search for the Garena Free Fire app

Click on install

Open and play Garena Free Fire!

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