kotlin singleton

kotlin singleton object

Singleton with Object

Use object instead of class to create a singleton (single instance of that class) Useful for “utility” classes


No constructor parameters

Can contain:

  • Properties
  • Functions
  • Initializer blocks

Objects can inherit from interfaces and classes

There is a difference between object expressions and declarations

  • Expressions are used on the right hand side of expressions
  • Declarations are when you use object to create a singleton or companion object

Singleton example

object MathUtils { init {

println(“MathUtils init was called”)


val ONE = 1

fun plus1(i: Int) = i + 1


fun main(args: Array<String>) {

val x = MathUtils.plus1(MathUtils.ONE) println(x)


Prints: MathUtils init was called 2


// objects can have supertypes:

object DefaultListener : MouseAdapter() {

override fun mouseClicked(e: MouseEvent) { … } override fun mouseEntered(e: MouseEvent) { … }


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