map in kotlin

Map is a class in kotlin

Kotlin Map functions

Use these functions to create Maps in Kotlin:

Function Type
  mapOf   Map<K,V>
hashMapOf HashMap<K, V>
  linkedMapOf   LinkedHashMap<K, V>
sortedMapOf SortedMap<K, V>
  mutableMapOf   MutableMap<K, V>

Kotlin also has linkedStringMapOf and stringMapOf functions for JavaScript.


val map = mapOf(“b” to 2, “a” to 1)      // {b=2, a=1} val map = hashMapOf(“b” to 2, “a” to 1)  // {a=1, b=2} val map = linkedMapOf(“b” to 2, “a” to 1) // {b=2, a=1} val map = sortedMapOf(“b” to 2, “a” to 1) // {a=1, b=2} val map = mutableMapOf(“b” to 2, “a” to 1) // {b=2, a=1}

Iterating over a map in kotlin

Iterating over a map in kotlin with for :

val map = mapOf(“a” to 1, “b” to 2, “c” to 3)

for ((k,v) in map) { println(“value of $k is $v”)


// output value of a is 1 value of b is 2 value of c is 3

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